Providing a Legal Service for 50 years.

Carvill & Johnson is a firm with its roots in Northfield going back to the 1960’s. At that time a firm known as Bettinsons provided a comprehensive core service to all of the citizens in Northfield and its surrounding area. When Graham Clarke & Co took over the practice in 1985 it continued the tradition. Carvill & Johnson continues to provide that quality legal service and has done so since 1988. Peter Carvill, one of the founding Partners, is a full time consultant with the firm specialising in Childcare. Since the 1st June this year we have moved and are now situated in the old Liverpool Victoria offices located at the end of the high street opposite the Black Horse public house.

What can you offer Northfield?

Whether you are buying or selling a house, facing marriage or family problems ,having dealings with social services, looking to make your Will and manage your financial affairs to include the consideration of your future long term care or need help with a business matter, our friendly team are here to help. All of our staff are approachable and easy to talk too particularly as the majority live in the neighborhood and take pride in serving their community. We are committed to putting our clients first and using our expertise to deliver legal advice that is sound, cost-effective explained clearly and without unnecessary legal jargon. We offer fixed fees at competitive rates across a broad range of the services we provide.

When did you come to Northfield?