We are authorised by the Legal Aid Agency to act on behalf of individuals in Family cases who are eligible for legal aid.  That authorisation is only given to solicitors’ firms which have passed a rigorous quality assurance assessment.

Legal aid enables us:

  • to advise you fully on matters of law, evidence and procedure,
  • to represent you at Court Hearings (either by specialised advocates in the practice or by approved specialised barristers),
  • to prepare and consider documents on your behalf,
  • to instruct independent experts where appropriate and
  • to enter into negotiations with your opponent.

You will automatically be entitled to free legal aid for certain cases where the state (in the form of social workers) is seeking to remove children from your care.  Other cases will depend upon your financial eligibility for legal aid and the facts of your case.  Please contact us for a free eligibility assessment.

Where you have a valid complaint against your existing solicitors, we can get your legal aid transferred so that we can represent you in their place.